Casa de la 9


Casa de la 9

In Tijuana the cultural and artistic development a few years ago was unthinkable with few places to spread the art and culture, La Casa de la 9 (The House on 9th street) is a concept unlike any other in the city of Tijuana and is quickly becoming one of the highlights of our city.

In 2003 was when it opened this cultural adventure and since then, week after week, they surprise us with an agenda very impressive even is common to hear that it is more desirable to attend an event at La Casa de la 9 in an institution.

It has everything from concerts, exhibits, films, panel discussions and literary readings to a range of cultural events. Many artists and writers often prefer to carry out their exhibitions and panel discussions in unofficial places as La Casa de la 9, for the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that people who attend actually have an interest in seeing them.

Since its inception has been innovating with great guests and a great deal for visitors. Gradually, La Casa de la 9 is open to all disciplines, especially writers and artists with proposals for all grades, from the character path to artists who are starting their career.Today, no writer, teatrero, painter, photographer Tijuana who does not know The New House is a place offers a variety of events throughout the year. Do not miss any of your events, live the experience all that Tijuana has to offer.

Business hours: 4 p.m. thru 12:00 a.m.
Calle 9na entre Quintana Roo y Pio Pico
Zona Centro Tijuana, México

Rango de Precios:
Ignacio Zaragoza #8872
Zona Centro
22000  Tijuana  Baja California
(664) 688-0113

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