Chewins, a world of fish, is a family restaurant where you can taste the best freshly cooked on the grill pescado sarandeado, some of the delights you will find in Chewins are cocktails, tostadas, tacos, ceviches, shells snacks, and of course, the famous marlin quesadillas accompanied by a salad of lettuce, avocado and cucumber. Something very special is the Chewins molcajete, a type of delicious shrimp in aguachile with octopus served in a Mexican molcajete, but seafood is always better with a nice cold beer, there are in different shapes and forms. Also, it has a wide menu of prepared Clamatos and other beverages. And the best of all is the excellent prices that characterize it.

To enjoy good seafood in a great atmosphere, you do not need to go to other places, since in Chewins you will feel satisfied; it is a two-floor building, ideal for all your friends and you to watch a box fight, a football game or simply for the pleasure of eating some good seafood. Chewins has security in the parking lot, also has a playground for childre. Fast service, friendly atmosphere, good food and excellent quality and great prices are some of the things that characterize Chewins.